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Let’s Get Real!
A simple question asked to her by her 2-year-old son, “Mamma are we going to be ok?” changed everything. That moment was when she made the decision that she would no longer accept what life was giving her, nor she would accept the fact that the world around her was always against her and her mission not only to create the life that she was meant to live but to help others was born.  

It took hard work, drastic action, and a lot of resourcefulness, but she built herself up from nothing. After making peace with her past, letting go of the baggage & fears, she started to focus on her life experiences, the skills she had acquired and started to double down on her strengths. Through this, she started to realize her potential & capabilities, and most importantly, she uncovered her true purpose – Helping & Serving others. She thrived in the Corporate World, and became a Business High-Performance coach, working with global corporations.  

From that time that once saw her homeless with a child to today with two children and a
successful business her mission is to guide women over 30 to create Meaningful Impact & Income through gaining Awareness & clarity, Owning their Core, building Confidence, High-Performance habits, and Mastering time management.   

Help change lives from “just” living into meaning is her coaching approach.
She works empathetically, to ensure that no women feel the anxiety she once had and fulfilling her mission to End Child Hunger.
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8 Aug- 11 Aug 2021
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