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I am very proud to say I am a digestive mindset coach. I encourage people to be confident in their abilities to have digestive freedom and experience a balance in their life by implementing healthy habits.

I grew up in a home where I felt like I needed to constantly prove who I was and was always seeking an emotional connection with anyone around me. This led me to seek love, safety, and belonging by becoming what I thought everyone else thought I should be in life. I have learned that if you don’t live your authentic self it can lead to physical and emotional burnout. This is exactly what happened to me, as I wasn’t being true to myself that led me to experience digestive distress through the struggles of infertility and later the inability to get to a healthy weight because of my constant internal inflammation. My body had just had enough of the constant stress I was putting on myself, trying to be someone I wasn’t because I was too scared to be myself for fear of rejection. Through all these experiences I have learned how to recognize and implement non-negotiables in my diet and in my life. I also recognize the importance of having a balance in all the main areas of your life because health is not just about what you’re eating, it is also about what you’re thinking and saying to yourself and others.

I have spent my life being a student and always trying to learn a better way or a better perspective of how I see the world. This has helped me become more intuitive of what my body and mind need to function in a healthy way.

I have been blessed with two amazing children and have been married to my husband for almost 14 amazing years! I love spending time with my friends, husband, and kids, listening to all their stories, playing piano, extreme skiing, and listening to live music. My biggest joy is when I am in tune and present with the people around me, while there is a great song playing in the background.

My greatest achievements are when I see the progress and accomplishments from my children, husband, and clients from the transformational coaching I provide for them. 
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